Thursday, July 31, 2008

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We Love San Diego

Last month we took a trip to San Diego. I know it's a little late, but I wanted to document the fun time that we had. We flew in and went to the zoo the first day. It takes going to another zoo to realize how ghetto Hogle Zoo really is. Anyway, the zoo was awesome. Meg loved it! Our favorite things to see were the orangutans, gorillas and the hippos. In fact, Meg is now obsessed with hippos. I don't know if she even knew what they were until she saw them in real life. Will was so nice the entire trip. He slept a lot and ate and slept some more. The next day we went to Sea World. I remember going to Sea World when I was younger and loving it and it met my expectations. We had breakfast with Elmo and friends (which really only ended up being one friend: Telly). Meg really enjoyed watching Elmo and gave him a hug and five, but she was very leery about even getting by Telly. Weird. We went to the Shamu show, which I have to say was kind of inspirational (I know I'm cheezy). Meg was in awe watching Shamu. So, she is now also obsessed with Shamu. It was a long hot day, but really fun. The third day that we were there we went to Lego Land. Dave hated it there, but I thought it was kind of fun. It was really crowded, but Meg couldn't go on very many of the rides anyway, so it really wasn't a big deal for us. By this point, we were exhausted. We called it a day early and just went back to the hotel to swim and eat dinner. Day four came and we were ready to go home. It was Sunday and I always feel kind of weird just having fun and not going to church. We went to the beach and then to Balboa Park to look around (we were pretty much just waiting until it was time to go home). Our kids were really good on the plane. We borrowed my Dad's DVD player and "The Monkey Show" Curious George and Meg was glued to it the whole time. It was nice. It was kind of hard taking two babies on vacation, but I really think that it was worth it. In fact, Dave made a little movie with video on the trip and we have had to watch it at least once a day since we have been back. Meg calls it The Hippo Show and as soon as it is over says "Hippo show again." It's not a request either, more like a demand. I have to limit her to no more than twice a day. So, we have had many more hours of San Diego fun since we have been back. We had a great time being together as a family. I would love to go again.
Meg and Mom climbing the rope nets at Sea World.

Having fun in Lego Land

Beach Baby Will

She cannot take her eyes off of this hippo.

She looks a little scared, but really did like seeing Elmo.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I Love to See the Temple...

My brother and his sweet fiance, Kara were married on Friday. It is so weird to think of your little brother as someone's husband. He still seems so young to me. We were able to go to the temple on Tuesday as Kara received her endowment. I always feel so happy and rejuvenated whenever I go to the temple. Friday morning they were sealed together. I haven't been to a wedding/sealing since I was married myself. I loved it!! Dave and I both felt the spirit so strong. What a wonderful blessing it is to be able to be sealed to your family. They had their reception that night and it was so beautiful. Meg was given the cutest little dress to wear. She loved the dress so much! When I put it on her she patted it (it was really poofy) and twirled around. She knew that she looked cute. She took about a half hour nap all day and was so crazy! She had her own little boquet and I would find it thrown on the ground as she ran the other way. I think she thought that all of the people at the reception were there for her. She really put on a show for them and loved having everyone look at her. I will say that she did look really cute though. Kara and Brian look so happy and I am so happy for them. They make a wonderful couple and I am so glad to have Kara as a sister-in-law. Welcome to the family!!!

Brian and Kara Higley

Meg was trying so hard to open the doors of the temple.

She kept knocking and finally told us "It's stuck. Open it."

Dave and Will at the reception.

Happy 4th!!!

I know I am a little late posting this since July is almost over, but I actually remembered to take pictures of my kids and wanted to post them. We had a great 4th of July. Every year, my parent's neighborhood has a little parade for the kids. Meg has been in it the past two years. She is always mad when she goes by, so the pictures don't turn out very cute. Oh well. We swam in our little pool in our backyard and then went to my parent's house for a BBQ later. We had a great time. I was so prepared and brought my kids' pjs and bath stuff and thought I would have them all ready for bed so they would fall asleep on the way home from fireworks. I bathed Meg first and sent her outside for rootbeer floats and then took Will inside for his bath. I came out to find Meg soaking wet in her jammies. She had made her way away from the crowd and had decided to take a dip in the little pool in the yard. Dave and I both thought that the other person was watching her so she snuck away without anyone noticing. She came back around and announced "I swimming!" I was so mad that all of my hard work had gone to waste and she was all gross again (the dogs like to spend their time in the pool too). I am so glad that she didn't drown. After the fact, it's a funny story remember. She is so independent!

Meg, Will and my cousin Jack

Meg in the parade last year.

Meg in the parade this year. Still not so sure about it.