Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Will Turns 1

On Friday, our sweet little guy turned one year old. We had a pizza party for him and had our family over to help us celebrate. After the party, Dave commented that he Will seemed to know that the party was for him. He was very happy and cute and just looked around at everyone looking at him. He was very spoiled and got lots of fun toys. We had a great time.

Will is such a sweet boy. He loves to be held and cuddled. Right now he is very cuddly and cries when you walk away from him. He loves his sister. He is starting to take her "stuff" and it is causing a little contention in our house but we are all learning to share. Will is crawling and cruising on everything, but still isn't walking. He can stand without holding on to anything, but doesn't usually do it if someone isn't standing close by or he is in the swimming pool. Lately he has been really into cars or anything that has wheels. He LOVES to put things in other people's mouths. Maybe it's the future dentist in him coming out or something. He loves to put his finger (just his pointer finger), binkie, toys, toothbrush in my mouth. He is so fun. He makes sounds now that I think mean Meg "Meh" and Mom "Ma". We love having him in our family. Will loves food and eats about twice as much as Meg but he is pretty small still and doesn't really have that buddah belly that most babies have. Happy Birthday Will, Gus, Baby Brother! We love you!!!!

He very much enjoyed his birthday cupcake...

Can you tell???

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's Already Happening...

Dave and I were trying to get out of the house the other day and Meg didn't want any part of it. You know how your kids arch their back and squirm as you are trying to buckle them in their carseat? You know how it makes you crazy? Dave was dealing with Meg and finally had to get mad at her and push her down in the seat. Meg was SOOOO mad at him. She screamed and cried and then said, "I can't love my dad!" To Meg the word "can't" means don't, won't or can't. She said it a couple of times. It was so funny. I told Dave that basically she was saying 'I hate you' in a two year old's language. He felt terrible and was trying to get back on her good side the rest of the night. Boy, we certainly have some interesting years ahead of us.

Sunny AZ

A couple of weekends ago I went to visit my brother and his wife in Arizona. My parents drove down and got there on Thursday and worked on my brother's new house. I flew in on Friday (I HATE roadtrips) and we worked on their house on Friday too. Their house is so cute. They painted it all themselves and did a great job. Saturday we met my aunt Diane and cousins Eric and Candice and Capri at the swap meet. My sister-in-law, Kara, put it best when she said, If you haven't seen your Grandparents lately and you are wondering where they are, they are at your local swap meet! It was crazy how many elderly people were there. There was a lot of interesting stuff to look at. My cousin bought these awesome sunglasses.

There was a little booth selling underwear and bras. My cousin thought that the swap meet was a big garage sell with everything used. I told her that I was pretty sure that the stuff was new, but after seeing this...

I wasn't so sure. Ewww! We shopped the outlets and went to a cactus farm. It was fun and was really great seeing Brian and Kara again. They were excellent hosts! I missed my family so much. I basically talked about Meg, Will and Dave the ENTIRE time. It probably got annoying, but oh well. When I came home Dave was extremely appreciative of me. Absence definitely makes the heart grow fonder. Thanks to Kellie and Tate for helping out with our kids on Friday and Dave for flying solo (even at church) so I could go.
Mom and Dad at the cactus farm.

The lovely hosts at Joe's Farm Grill.

My family eating lunch outside! It was awesome. I can't wait until spring/summer is finally here. It is snowing today so I guess I will have to put my flip flops away again.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Goodbye Rat Tail

We are still sick!!! This has been horrible. We are now at the coughing until you throw up stage of the sickness. On Saturday, Dave had to go around our neighborhood and get some things signed by our neighbors for the HOA. The kids and I have been cooped up for so long and even though it was pretty chilly we walked around with him. I put Will's winter hat on him and noticed the making of a mullet sticking out the back. We had to give our baby his first little hair cut and chopped the rat tail off. Now, when looking at the back of his head, he looks like a little boy and not a baby. He is almost one, but I still feel sad that he is so big now.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

First Prayer

The other night Dave put Meg to bed and he went to say her prayers for her but she wanted to do it herself. This is what she said...

"Heavenly Father, thank you for this day. Thank you baby brother. Good day. Name of Jesus Christ, Amen."

She has said some more prayers since then and I can only catch a few words of them, but she is saying a lot. Only Heavenly Father really needs to know.

Sick Day(s)

This past week has been horrible in our house. We just got over sick noses and colds and I thought we were in the clear. Monday, my mom was coming to get the kids for special day. Will was acting especially clingy and I thought it was just because he wasn't getting enough attention. I thought that he would get plenty of TLC at my parent's house. He ended up with plenty of messy diapers to last us a month. Then, on Thursday, Meg and I woke up but Will was still asleep. We finally woke him up around 9:00 and he was so cranky. He drank his bottle and then layed there like a limp rag doll. He has NEVER done this. I felt so weird about it but he just wanted to lay and watch cartoons. I have been trying to get some things done for our New Beginnings coming up so I worked on some things and he eventually rolled over and fell asleep on the couch. Later that day he tried to crawl and just collapsed on his face. I tried to get him to stand up and he wouldn't put any pressure on his legs. I finally called the doctor and he looked at him. He said that he just has a virus. Poor little guy. He has been sick almost a week now. Meg has a horrible cold and cough and now Will is coughing too. We need to get out of the house. We are all miserable. Hopefully next week we are all better.

All week Meg has looked like this. Dave said, "Meg, you look like no one loves you." Poor thing.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Little Angel or Little Devil?

I thought this was pretty funny and meant to post on Sunday. Anyway, my friend subbed in Meg's nursery on Sunday. When we met up in Young Womens she told me that Meg was being so cute in nursery. She said that she started hanging around a littler girl and just kept saying, "You miss your Mommy?" and telling the leaders, "She misses her Mommy." She would follow the girl around and was kissing her (on the lips) and telling her, "It's okay." She was practically mauling the little girl and was patting/rubbing her. So, I felt good that even though she was invading someone's personal space, she was being nice.

Then, when Dave picked her up after church the leaders said that she slapped a boy in the face. I was in shock. How can someone go from a little angel to a devil in the same hour? She looks sweet though, doesn't she?