Thursday, August 13, 2009

Road Trip

Dave took a look at the calendar the other day and couldn't believe that summer is almost over. He decided that we needed a little more fun in our lives and planned us a trip to Jackson Hole. My parents and their friends get together every year at Bear Lake so we went up on Friday night and stayed there. We had a fun time sitting by the fire, roasting Laffy Taffy (not as good as roasted Starburst) and playing with Dave's laser. It was so funny because that night our kids were so tired. Dave kept trying to get Meg to come out to the fire with him but she got some milk and layed down in her makeshift bed on the floor and pulled the covers on herself. Will climbed into his pack-n-play by himself and went to sleep. We were planning on playing on the beach on Saturday but the rain decided that we would just head up to Jackson early. We hung around town for awhile and that night went to see Grease at the Jackson Hole playhouse. It was AWESOME! Our kids did really well until the very end (or at least I think it was almost over) and we finally took them home before the play was over.

The next day we headed up to Yellowstone. I had never been before and it was really neat. The way they warn you so much, you expect that you are going to see charging buffalo and bears trying to eat you all over the place. We didn't see one animal...well, we did see some squirrels but that was it. We went to Old Faithful. It was so neat and very stinky. We kept telling Meg that Will had a stinky diaper and she thought that was really funny.

The next morning we were going to go on the alpine slide in Jackson and then head home, but we had all had it and decided to head straight home. The kids did really well with all of the driving (thank goodness for portable DVD players).

It was so fun to spend some quality time with my little family. I am so lucky to have an adventurous husband. He makes our lives so much more eventful and fun.

Here Meg is waiting for the play to start. There was a lot of weird antique furniture in the lobby that she liked to play on. I hate antiques. They remind me of ghosts...which I'm scared of.

We are patiently waiting for Old Faithful to spout.

More Waiting....

And finally!!!!!

More stinky geysers. Dave was bound and determine to find out how hot these really are. He secretly snuck down by one and dipped his hand in. I told him that if he was arrested we would be leaving him there.