Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fun at the zoo with Grandma Alvord

Dave's mom had a toothache and decided to spend the money coming out here to have Dave fix it and then she could see her grandkids too. We had a fun time with her here. On Thursday we went to the zoo with her and also Aunt Sarah, Zach, Leia, Nettie and JoJo. It was the prefect day to spend at the zoo. Will was such a good boy (he always is). He loves the be outside and just sat back and relaxed as we pushed him around. Meg is really into walking lately. When we go to the store she will say "Meggie walk," before the car is even stopped. It's not a question either, more of a statement. She is generally pretty good and will follow me around, but she likes to touch EVERYTHING. She walked all around the zoo. She was pretty clumsy this day and fell down a lot, but she still had a fun time. She LOVES her cousins and they are all so sweet to her, especially Zach and Leia. We love spending time with them and were so glad that Grandma Alvord could come and visit us.

This cheetah kept pacing back and forth right by the window. Whenever it would come by Meg she would shake. It was kind of scary.

Meg and Leia (the little monkeys). Meg would do and say everything just like her older cousins.

The four Alvord girls: Leia, Meg, Jocelyn and Annette .

Monday, September 8, 2008

Go Utes!

This past Saturday my parents invited us to the University of Utah game. My brother got tickets for us last year and the year before in the MUSS and we had a great time. He doesn't go to the U anymore though so we were out of luck. My parents ended up buying season tickets this year and we got to go with them to the opening game. It was so fun and our kids had a great time too. We rode TRAX to the stadium. Meg would yell "Go Utah!" and clap a lot but she also got scared when the crowd would cheer. I think her favorite parts of the night were hanging out with her Grandma and Papa and doing the wave. She was really amazed by it and as it came around to us she would say, "Here it comes, here it comes." Both Meg and Will ended up falling asleep during the game. It ended up being a blow out so we left early so we would have a seat on the train for the ride home. Hopefully we have a winning season this year and beat those Cougs! Go Utes!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Mush Anyone?

I was at the park a couple of days ago and a friend and I were talking about how we are trying to quit nursing. She asked if I had given Will rice cereal yet and I was kind of shocked, thinking that he was way too young. I did some quick calculations and figured out that my baby boy is almost 6 months. The time with this little guy in our family has gone by so fast. I should have been clued in that he was ready for something more than milk as he watches everyone put food in their mouths and he grabs my hands if I am holding him while eating. So, this morning was his first attempt at eating regular food. He didn't seem to like it very much but is such a sweet little boy and just kept eating it with a happy smile but confused eyes. Don't worry Will, you'll get baby food in a couple of weeks...and boy you're in for a treat!

Let's Dance!

Yesterday I took Meg to her first dance class. It was actually a lot of fun and Meg seemed to enjoy it. We brought Will and he sat in his car seat and watched us dance (it is a mommy and me class so I dance too). She got slightly distracted a few times and would go over and say hi to Will, but for the most part she tried hard to listen to the teacher and do what was asked of her. I know she is a little young, but we want our kids to be involved in something athletic and also something musical as they grow up so we thought we would start her out now. Plus, she looks so cute in her little dance outfit and shoes. She says "Mommy, Megan dancing show?" and twirls around saying "Weeee." It's so cute!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lake Powell

This past Labor Day, we went to Lake Powell with my family. We met up with my brother and new sister-in-law who just moved to Arizona. It was so good to see them. It seems they have been gone a lot longer than a month. We left for Powell at five in the morning on Friday. I thought that it would be a rough drive, being so tired and all, but I actually liked it better than driving in the pure daylight. We got to Page at around noon, with plenty of time to do some boating. We got on the boat and started to head out to the main channel. My dad realized that something was wrong with the boat. We headed back to the dock and found out that the fuel pump was bad. We spent the rest of the day on the dock trying to hunt down a new fuel pump. We couldn't find the part anywhere nearby. My dad and uncle Tate were such troopers and got up the next morning at four and drove to Vegas in hopes that they could find someone with the part there. They ended up finding the part and came back and had it installed. You would think that this would have put a big damper on all of the fun that we were looking forward to having, but I actually had a fun time hanging out with my family on the dock. I was introduced to Sudoku and am addicted to it now. I learned that my brother can regurgitate food (weird!). My kids had a great time because there were so many people who wanted to play with and hold them. We finally got out on the water on Saturday and had some time to play in the water. The water was so nice and warm. Will even liked swimming in it. I love Lake Powell so much and love spending time with my family. Everyone was so good to us and helped us out with our kids. It was a very pleasant little trip.

What a cute bod!

Waiting at the dock...the repair man is in the boat and we are almost done waiting. Yeah!

Once we got out on the water, this storm followed us.

My aunt Kellie gave up her sweatshirt so Will wouldn't get too cold. I didn't think I would need to pack warm clothes for Lake Powell.

These garbage bags kept us somewhat dry and warm. We had to tell Meg that they were called "Boat Coats" so she would even put one on. Even then, she wasn't too happy to be wearing one.

Meg loves being in the water. Dave let her "ski" as they barely dragged behind the boat and I rode the tube with her.

It finally warmed up and we had a great time. Will especially liked being in the boat.