Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy Visit

I had an appointment to get my teeth cleaned this week and brought the kids with me. Dave has an operatory converted into a little kid land with toys and a tv and Meg loves to play in it whenever we go to the office. I figured she would be happy to stay in the playroom the whole time. On our way there she kept asking where we were going. I told her that we were going to Daddy's work so I could get my teeth fixed. She would say "Oh." and then would ask again. Finally she said that she wanted to get her teeth fixed too. When we got there Dave was working on someone else so I stocked some supplies that I brought. I went back to the front and Meg was already in the chair and had her mouth open so wide. She must have really wanted her teeth fixed because she made sure that it happened. She was so brave and let Dave scrape her teeth and poke around a little. She has NO CAVITIES!! I try really hard to brush her teeth twice a day and she is usually pretty good about it. Thank goodness!!! What a cutie though.

Children's Museum

We went to the Children's Museum with Sarah, Natalie and their kids the other day. I love it there. There are so many things to see and do. Will can finally cruise around by holding onto things so he was especially happy to be there. Meg only got lost a couple of times. Thankfully I had Nat and Sarah there to help me keep an eye out for her...she is so quick. It was another nice day and we played outside on the helicopter for a long time and soaked up some rays. Meg LOVES playing with her cousins. I can get her to do anything if the reward is seeing them. She says, "My Leia? My Ekkie Jo Jo (Nettie & Jo Jo)? My Yackie (Zach)? They are all so sweet to her too. We have a pass to the museum now if anyone wants to go.

Spring, anyone?

We are getting spring fever around here. It has been so nice the past week or so. I have busted out the capris and flip flops. It is still a little cold, but I don't care. I can't stand winter anymore. My kids have been loving playing outside. We went out the the park behind our house the other day. Usually there are tons of kids outside, but for some reason we were the only ones out this day. The kids had been playing with the camera and I didn't realize that the lens had Gussy's fingerprints all over it until after I uploaded these pictures. They're a little fuzzy, but still so cute.

Meg is not too keen on taking naps anymore. She really starts needing one every three days or so, but is pretty happy most days without one. The other day I knew she needed a nap so I told her that if she took one we would go to the park when she woke up. She ended up sleeping so long and finally at 5:00 I went in her room to see if she was okay. She was still very sleepy, but I wanted her to be tired when bed time rolled around so I tried to wake her up. She would not respond to me at all. Finally I said, "Meg, do you want to go and play at the park?" Her eyes quickly opened and she said "Yes!" and she was up. She kept saying "My friends." and "My kids." She is so funny. She loves playing around other kids (not so much with them, but she is getting better at that too). We were almost the last people in the park that night. It was getting dark and she didn't want to come home. Dear winter, please go away!

Happy Valentine's Day!

The day before Valentine's Day Dave brought home flowers, a teddy bear and balloons for the kids. They were so happy...especially for the balloons. Meg actually put her flowers on her nightstand in her room. She was so proud to have her own flowers from Daddy.

On Valentine's Day the kids woke up to their own little mail pouches filled with special toys, treats and Valentine's books. I was planning on making something similar to these but then found them on the ETSY website and am sure glad that I bought them instead. They look a lot better than anything I could sew.

I made a special breakfast and we ate off of our heart-shaped plates. It was really fun.

Meg requested a bubble bath and got to take a very long one.

Later that day we went to the Dinosaur Museum. It was really fun. Meg has really been into dinosaurs since my parents took her to the Dinosaurs Live show. She told my mom that she wanted a dinosaur with red eyes and lo and behold, my mom found one and gave it to her for Valentine's Day. After the museum we went to my parent's house and dropped off the Valentine's card that Meg colored for them. They sure spoiled us. I had been on a strict "No Treats" diet for probably a month and a half until this day and had to fall off the bandwagon since we were given so many yummy homemade treats. Don't worry, I'm back on now. So, we had a great day spending time together as a little family. I love my kids and husband so much. Dave really did well and had some tulips (my favorite) delivered to me and also gave me some perfume. What a great day!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


The other day Meg saw a box of Jell-O in the pantry and wanted some. I realized that the poor thing had never been introduced to Jell-O (one of my favorite treats as a kid) and so I made it for dinner that night. We got it out of the fridge and poked it to show her that it was set up. She was SO excited to eat it and finally ate enough of her dinner so that she could have some. We gave Will some and he loved it, but he basically loves any adult-type food. Dave gave Meg a hefty hunk of Strawberry Jell-O and she put it in her mouth and started to dry heave. I felt bad for her because she looked so confused as to why she was getting sick over it and I had made it seem like the greatest thing ever. It was so funny though. I have been horrible about taking pictures lately and feel like nothing is really going on with us, but thought this night would be funny to remember so I had to post.