Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Big Boy Bed

In preparations for our new baby to come we decided it was time to get Will a bed and get him used to sleeping in it. My parents gave us a mattress for him for Christmas so we went out and got him a bed and set it up. He was so excited to have it in his room so we thought it was going to be a piece of cake to transition him. It actually hasn't been too bad. We have it pushed up against the wall and his changing table pushed up on the other side so it is basically a crib but it keeps him from falling out...or at least we thought it would. The first night he rolled around so much that he rolled off the end. He hasn't fallen off since and doesn't really get down until I come and get him. My kids are weird that way. When she was younger, Meg would wake up in the morning or from a nap and would knock on the door until I went and got her...and she could open the door. Will's bed is pretty high but I have a stool by it so he can climb on and off. He climbs all over it during the day, but when I put him to bed or down for a nap he doesn't get down. He is getting to be such a big boy. It makes me a little sad, but I guess it has to happen since there is another baby on the way. We love our little Gus so much.

I had to include this picture because I thought it was so cute. When Meg's away at school or dance, Will gets to do all kinds of things that he normally would be in trouble (by Meg) for. This day he found her i-pod and was having the greatest time listening to her music. He is such a funny little guy.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Christmas Project

About a year ago I bought a pattern for a card table fort and was meaning to make it for my kids. Then a few months ago I happened to find an awesome blog http://homemadebyjill.blogspot.com/2009/10/felt-playhouse.html and she made the most amazing playhouse. I talked to my friend Tara about it and we decided that we would both make one for our kids for Christmas. We gave ourselves about a month to do it so we thought that it would be no big deal. It took A TON of time but I think it turned out really well. I basically copied the playhouse from the blog that we found. Tara and I split a lot of things and it was really fun working on a common project together. Once it was all said and done I realized that I didn't measure correctly and it is a little too tall for my table. For Christmas and these pictures I had to put a bunch of boxes on the table to make it look decent. I am going to have to make a structure out of PVC pipe or something but I am really proud of it. I am using it as one of my Young Women projects because it definitely took me longer than 10 hours to finish it. I barely finished it for Christmas but my kids really seemed to like it...except the fact that Will kept standing up and hitting his head on the table. Making this helped me realize that I am really not that bad at sewing after all. Thanks Tara! These pictures are terrible, but they're better than nothing...

A dog house complete with doggy door and bones that come off to feed the cute little dog.

An apple tree with apples that can be picked.

A garden with...



and lettuce that can all be picked.

Tara went above and beyond and made this cute mailbag and mail for the mailbox (The mailbox door opens).

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Funny Megisms

Our little Meg is one funny little girl. She says the craziest things. I wanted to post them before I forget.

  • We were eating dinner the other night and Meg said, "Mom, Dad, I love you...but I'm the MASTER!" We have no idea where she came up with the word "master" but she really means it that she is the master. The sad thing is is that she really does rule the roost here. It was funny how she let us know her feelings though.
  • I was getting her ready for her dance recital and as I put her tights on they were a little long so I pulled them up high. She said, "Mom, I'm Aladdin!" I didn't know what she was talking about until I looked at her more closely. She did look like Aladdin with his high-waisted pants and no shirt.
  • She told Dave out of the blue, "Dad, I don't like the crazy dad, I just like my normal dad." Dave asked her who her normal dad was and she said that he was. When he asked her who the crazy dad was she said it was Leia's dad (Dave's brother, Jim). I guess she just wanted him to know she didn't want to be given away.
  • I got Meg out of the bath the other day and Will was playing some songs on a toy Princess CD player. Meg was naked and suddenly started doing what she called the "naked dance". It was so funny and really crazy. When she was asked where she learned it she said that Ms. Amy (her preschool teacher) taught it to her. Ms. Amy's got some explaining to do.
  • The other morning I wasn't feeling well so I got the kids some breakfast and went to lay back in my bed. After a few minutes Meg came in and asked me why I was in my room all by myself. I told her that I was sick. She said, "Do you need a boyfriend?" I told her that I didn't because Daddy was my boyfriend. She was so confused and said, "Well then where is he?" She is really into talking about boyfriends and girlfriends now.
We love our little girl so much. She is so fun and is such a joy to have in our family.

December Fun

I am WAY behind on my posting, but better late than never. We had a really fun Thanksgiving/Christmas time this past year. So fun that I didn't take many pictures and didn't blog about anything. We picked out a real Christmas tree this year. The kids were so excited to be at the tree lot. They were pretty good about not taking ornaments off of the tree. We did have a few ornament casualties from Will's curiosity though, but he loved our Christmas tree.

Will suddenly has a sick obsession with putting stuff in his hair. He loves to have his hair fixed and combed. This is about the third time I have caught him putting Vaseline in his hair. I thought I had hidden all of the bottles that we own, but I missed one...a very large and full bottle and he found it.

We used our Children's Museum pass one last time before it expired. The kids love that place but it is a little far away and we didn't go there very often. We had a great time!

Meg had her third dance recital last month too. This time she wasn't in a mommy and me class so I was a little nervous to see how well she knew the dance. She wasn't nervous at all and was so excited to perform on the stage. She did a very good job. Her dance teachers were off stage doing the dance along with them so she spent a lot of the time watching them as she did the dance too, but she was so cute. She got a bouquet of pink flowers from her Grandma and Grandpa Higley and loved them. As soon as she was done with her dance I picked her up and she wanted to see her Grandma and Grandpa (to get her flowers). Grandpa Alvord even suprised us and came to see her perform so she has a lot of people there to see her. Will was very happy to be at the recital as he got to eat a very messy blue sucker the whole time.

Meg and her "best friend" Chayse love to dance together.

The kids here are all ready for church in their Christmas clothes. We were told that Megan went into primary for a little bit this day and kept pulling her dress over her head (to show them how much she looked like Cinderella). What a crazy girl.