Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Toddler with a Camera

As I was getting ready the other day, Meg found the camera and took some pretty funny pictures. In total she shot 61 pictures. It's funny to see what's important to a 2-year old.

Meg's most prized possession is her monkey.

She really likes My Little Ponies lately.

She loves her little brother and unfortunately had to wake him up to get this shot.

She has A LOT of the Cars Movie's cars. These are just a few.

She likes dinosaurs a lot now too. This is one that Will got for his birthday.
She keeps acting like it is hers and she rides it around. What a character!


Anisa said...

That's great. To keep her occupied, just send her around the house taking pictures of random things.

Jill said...

ohh! Zander is loving the Cars! He keeps squealing CARS!! We are infact watching it right now!

Mandi said...

That is so cute. She did quite well too!