Monday, February 8, 2010

Disney World is the Happiest place on Earth!

For Christmas, Dave surprised us with a family trip to Disney World. Will is still under two and gets to fly free and he had a lot of sky miles so we got to go to Florida for even less than it would have been to go to Disneyland. When we left I was 30 weeks so I was a little nervous that I would be so tired and wouldn't be able to walk around as much as everyone wanted to, but I actually felt really good and had a great time. Two nights before we left Will cried the entire night (in pain). I had just gotten over a terrible cold and Meg was getting over it too but Will had just become infected. I took both of the kids to the Dr the day before we left and they both had DOUBLE EAR INFECTIONS. The Dr thought that they would be feeling okay after taking a couple of doses of antibiotics so we left. Will was terribly sick and grouchy the entire time, all except the last day. He has never been that mean before. It was awful! Meg was a complete angel and had the greatest time. Dave and I had a lot of fun too, but wished that Will would have been feeling well because it could have been even more fun. When we came home we were all bummed to be home and can't stop talking about our trip. We can't wait to go back. Dave says in three years, but we'll see if he can wait that long.

The kids loved the tea cups...this was the last day when Will finally started to feel better.

We took Meg to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique to get her hair fixed like Cinderella. She loved it. She got to pick her hairstyle, got her nails painted, her makeup done and left with a big bag of princess loot. Daddy bought her a magic wand and she was so happy.

The rest of the day she acted so weird. We couldn't figure out what was wrong with her. People would try to talk to her to tell her she looked pretty or would just say, "Hi, Princess!" and she acted so prim and proper. We finally figured out that she was trying to act like a real princess. It was hilarious. She finally got loud and crazy (her normal self) towards the end of the night.

Meg looked forward to meeting Cinderella the ENTIRE TIME we were in Florida. We finally were able to track her down the evening of our last night there (thank goodness). She was in heaven! Megan says that Cinderella is her favorite princess because "she has yellow hair just like me".

Our happy little guy finally joined us. He had a great time the last half of our last day. His favorite things to do was to ride the train that takes you all around the Magic Kingdom. It was fun to see him so excited.

This picture is one that we will be able to black mail Megan with one day. For some reason she started to do this really weird smile and did it almost the whole time we were on our trip. This pic is one of the worst. Pocahontas told her to "Smile big!" and this is what she got. I could barely stop laughing long enough to take the picture.

Meg was extremely afraid of these Incredibles characters. They tried for 10 minutes to get her to take a picture with them but she wouldn't. I kept telling them that it was okay, but they just kept trying and trying. It was really funny because she wasn't scared of anyone else really.

Luckily, the lines weren't very long and the kids were really good to wait.

We just happened to be standing right at this spot in Epcot when Sleeping Beauty emerged. She was the first princess that we saw and she was so nice to Meg.

We got to go to a water park one day and had a great time. It wasn't extremely warm, but we just kept telling ourselves that it was snowing back home and it made it that much warmer. The kids loved to dig in the sand as Dave body surfed in the humongous wave pool.

This picture was taken our first night in Florida. We landed, checked into our hotel and headed to Hollywood Studios for a couple of hours until it closed. On the bus to the park a family gave us some fast passes to the Toy Story video game ride. We really lucked out because we got to go twice that night and the other day that we played in that park the wait time was about an hour and a half. We all loved that ride. Will even kept his 3D glasses on.


Cowan Family said...

Your trip looks like a blast even if Will was grumpy. I'm glad you guys had fun.
I love Meg's big smile it made me laugh.

IdahoHills said...

I never wanted to back to anything Disney after my last time (long lines, bad food...) but with kids everything is better! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time and it even makes me want to give it another try!

The Lucksters said...

NEW PICTURES! I live them. This made my day.

The Lucksters said...

I meant "Love" them.

Mandi said...

That looks like such a fun trip! And I cound't stop laughing at Meg's "smile". So cute!

Cooper Squared said...

I am laughing out loud at Meg's smile. So Laura, were you on the trip? You need to get better about being in pictures too! :) Your kids will be looking for you in piles of pictures one day.

Puerto Rican Gringa said...

I loved all the pics and I'm amazed with your energy! Your the cutest little family and I'm going to miss you!

emily said...

How fun Laura! I didn't even know you guys went there. You are a trooper at 30 weeks. I am loving Meg's smile. Cracked me up! She is such a cutie. Can't wait to see pics of Macie!