Friday, May 7, 2010

While the Cat's Away...

My little mouse WILL play. Lately it seems like all that I do is feed Maci. Will has been taking full advantage of this time to cause a little mischief. When I first came home from the hospital I was in my room feeding the baby and I could hear this pinging noise. I kept calling for Will to come and see me and all he would say was, "Yeah?" whenever I would call him. When I was done feeding I went into the kitchen to find Will playing with an opened bottle of percoset. I was freaking out, not knowing if he had eaten any or not...when he saw me he tried to hand me one saying, "Candy." I called Dave at work and he told me to try and get him to eat another one to see if he would. He said that he didn't think he took any because they taste so nasty. I tried to give him one and he opened his mouth right up. I called poison control and they told me to watch him and if he started to act drunk then I needed to call 911. That kind of advice is definitely not very reassuring, but he never acted drunk so I assume he never ate any. Lately, he hasn't been doing anything as naughty, but he still is into trouble nonetheless.

My neighbor brought some dinner over the other day and with it came this giant cookie bar. I had it on the counter and Gus found it. I came out to find him lounging in Maci's bouncy seat eating away.

Will secretly got a hold of some of my mascara and proceeded to paint his face, tummy, hands, the couch, etc. with it. They then brought a bike inside and rode back and forth from the kitchen to my room.

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The Lucksters said...

Oh I am still laughing. It was even funnier than when you told me the story the other day. He looks so cute and innocent yet sinister in the pictures. Ha Ha Ha