Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fun at the zoo with Grandma Alvord

Dave's mom had a toothache and decided to spend the money coming out here to have Dave fix it and then she could see her grandkids too. We had a fun time with her here. On Thursday we went to the zoo with her and also Aunt Sarah, Zach, Leia, Nettie and JoJo. It was the prefect day to spend at the zoo. Will was such a good boy (he always is). He loves the be outside and just sat back and relaxed as we pushed him around. Meg is really into walking lately. When we go to the store she will say "Meggie walk," before the car is even stopped. It's not a question either, more of a statement. She is generally pretty good and will follow me around, but she likes to touch EVERYTHING. She walked all around the zoo. She was pretty clumsy this day and fell down a lot, but she still had a fun time. She LOVES her cousins and they are all so sweet to her, especially Zach and Leia. We love spending time with them and were so glad that Grandma Alvord could come and visit us.

This cheetah kept pacing back and forth right by the window. Whenever it would come by Meg she would shake. It was kind of scary.

Meg and Leia (the little monkeys). Meg would do and say everything just like her older cousins.

The four Alvord girls: Leia, Meg, Jocelyn and Annette .


Cinderella Mom said...

They are so adorable, I love that she is getting so idependant! They pic with her upside down is so cute. And Will, he is such a little man I wish that I could come snuggle him right now!!!

Anisa said...

So fun!!! I love the zoo. I should try to get up there again sometime this fall.

Puerto Rican Gringa said...

The pics made me excited to go to the zoo! Gosh your kids are so cute! Meg is seriously going to marry Ty if I have anything to do with it! I'm glad you had fun with the Alvords!

Cowan Family said...

Looks like fun! I can't wait until we go. It's so fun to have some of the same family. Meg and Will are so dang cute. I can't believe Meg is in dance. That is so fun. You should do a video of it.
You are such a great friend and it's so fun to be back and get to hang out again. Love Ya!!

ArizonanGirl said...

hey Sis! Looks like a fun time (without me) boo hoo hoo! I love your precious children! They are stinkin' cute!