Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Scarecrow Festival

We had a lot of fun in October. We went to the Scarecrow Festival with Brittney, Jordan, Chayse and McKay. All that I can say is that Jordan was a lifesaver. Meg was bound and determined to get lost. She had to bring her bath duck toys and just wandered around playing with them. We got to the festival right when it opened so we were able to play a bunch of carnival games without waiting in line. Then, we saw that they had those bungee/trampoline things. We waiting in line for those. Meg was such a brave girl and let the guy strap her in (she was stone-faced as he was getting her ready) and away she went. I think I saw a few little smiles from her. It was fun. We waited in line for a little train that took you around the grounds and that took so long and MEg ran away so many times during the wait that once we were done with that activity I decided that we would call it a day. It was a fun time though. Of course Will was a little angel and just liked to be held and look at all of the people. Thanks to Brit and Jordan for their help and friendship!

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