Sunday, January 10, 2010

Funny Megisms

Our little Meg is one funny little girl. She says the craziest things. I wanted to post them before I forget.

  • We were eating dinner the other night and Meg said, "Mom, Dad, I love you...but I'm the MASTER!" We have no idea where she came up with the word "master" but she really means it that she is the master. The sad thing is is that she really does rule the roost here. It was funny how she let us know her feelings though.
  • I was getting her ready for her dance recital and as I put her tights on they were a little long so I pulled them up high. She said, "Mom, I'm Aladdin!" I didn't know what she was talking about until I looked at her more closely. She did look like Aladdin with his high-waisted pants and no shirt.
  • She told Dave out of the blue, "Dad, I don't like the crazy dad, I just like my normal dad." Dave asked her who her normal dad was and she said that he was. When he asked her who the crazy dad was she said it was Leia's dad (Dave's brother, Jim). I guess she just wanted him to know she didn't want to be given away.
  • I got Meg out of the bath the other day and Will was playing some songs on a toy Princess CD player. Meg was naked and suddenly started doing what she called the "naked dance". It was so funny and really crazy. When she was asked where she learned it she said that Ms. Amy (her preschool teacher) taught it to her. Ms. Amy's got some explaining to do.
  • The other morning I wasn't feeling well so I got the kids some breakfast and went to lay back in my bed. After a few minutes Meg came in and asked me why I was in my room all by myself. I told her that I was sick. She said, "Do you need a boyfriend?" I told her that I didn't because Daddy was my boyfriend. She was so confused and said, "Well then where is he?" She is really into talking about boyfriends and girlfriends now.
We love our little girl so much. She is so fun and is such a joy to have in our family.


The Lucksters said...

Thanks Laura, My life was getting really boring. Day afer day looking for somthing on your blog. And finally a payoff. Thanks. (You know I love them)

emily said...

So funny. She cracks me up!