Friday, February 27, 2009

Spring, anyone?

We are getting spring fever around here. It has been so nice the past week or so. I have busted out the capris and flip flops. It is still a little cold, but I don't care. I can't stand winter anymore. My kids have been loving playing outside. We went out the the park behind our house the other day. Usually there are tons of kids outside, but for some reason we were the only ones out this day. The kids had been playing with the camera and I didn't realize that the lens had Gussy's fingerprints all over it until after I uploaded these pictures. They're a little fuzzy, but still so cute.

Meg is not too keen on taking naps anymore. She really starts needing one every three days or so, but is pretty happy most days without one. The other day I knew she needed a nap so I told her that if she took one we would go to the park when she woke up. She ended up sleeping so long and finally at 5:00 I went in her room to see if she was okay. She was still very sleepy, but I wanted her to be tired when bed time rolled around so I tried to wake her up. She would not respond to me at all. Finally I said, "Meg, do you want to go and play at the park?" Her eyes quickly opened and she said "Yes!" and she was up. She kept saying "My friends." and "My kids." She is so funny. She loves playing around other kids (not so much with them, but she is getting better at that too). We were almost the last people in the park that night. It was getting dark and she didn't want to come home. Dear winter, please go away!

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Cinderella Mom said...

My goodness how big they are getting! I am missing you all so much!