Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

The day before Valentine's Day Dave brought home flowers, a teddy bear and balloons for the kids. They were so happy...especially for the balloons. Meg actually put her flowers on her nightstand in her room. She was so proud to have her own flowers from Daddy.

On Valentine's Day the kids woke up to their own little mail pouches filled with special toys, treats and Valentine's books. I was planning on making something similar to these but then found them on the ETSY website and am sure glad that I bought them instead. They look a lot better than anything I could sew.

I made a special breakfast and we ate off of our heart-shaped plates. It was really fun.

Meg requested a bubble bath and got to take a very long one.

Later that day we went to the Dinosaur Museum. It was really fun. Meg has really been into dinosaurs since my parents took her to the Dinosaurs Live show. She told my mom that she wanted a dinosaur with red eyes and lo and behold, my mom found one and gave it to her for Valentine's Day. After the museum we went to my parent's house and dropped off the Valentine's card that Meg colored for them. They sure spoiled us. I had been on a strict "No Treats" diet for probably a month and a half until this day and had to fall off the bandwagon since we were given so many yummy homemade treats. Don't worry, I'm back on now. So, we had a great day spending time together as a little family. I love my kids and husband so much. Dave really did well and had some tulips (my favorite) delivered to me and also gave me some perfume. What a great day!!!


Laura Alvord said...

Why is my typing in the post underlined? I can't figure out how to fix it. Help!!!

Brittney and Jordan said...

where did you find the envelopes? I love them!