Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sunny AZ

A couple of weekends ago I went to visit my brother and his wife in Arizona. My parents drove down and got there on Thursday and worked on my brother's new house. I flew in on Friday (I HATE roadtrips) and we worked on their house on Friday too. Their house is so cute. They painted it all themselves and did a great job. Saturday we met my aunt Diane and cousins Eric and Candice and Capri at the swap meet. My sister-in-law, Kara, put it best when she said, If you haven't seen your Grandparents lately and you are wondering where they are, they are at your local swap meet! It was crazy how many elderly people were there. There was a lot of interesting stuff to look at. My cousin bought these awesome sunglasses.

There was a little booth selling underwear and bras. My cousin thought that the swap meet was a big garage sell with everything used. I told her that I was pretty sure that the stuff was new, but after seeing this...

I wasn't so sure. Ewww! We shopped the outlets and went to a cactus farm. It was fun and was really great seeing Brian and Kara again. They were excellent hosts! I missed my family so much. I basically talked about Meg, Will and Dave the ENTIRE time. It probably got annoying, but oh well. When I came home Dave was extremely appreciative of me. Absence definitely makes the heart grow fonder. Thanks to Kellie and Tate for helping out with our kids on Friday and Dave for flying solo (even at church) so I could go.
Mom and Dad at the cactus farm.

The lovely hosts at Joe's Farm Grill.

My family eating lunch outside! It was awesome. I can't wait until spring/summer is finally here. It is snowing today so I guess I will have to put my flip flops away again.


James and Marisol said...

Hey! I forgot you got to go to AZ too! Sweet pics! You're so nice, thanks for "stocking" me and thinking our bb is cute, we happen to think so too! :) You're welcome to stock anytime! :)

ArizonanGirl said...

Fun to see some of your Arizona pics. I recognized Joe's Farm Grill. Not far from my old "new" home there. Love ya