Friday, March 6, 2009

Little Angel or Little Devil?

I thought this was pretty funny and meant to post on Sunday. Anyway, my friend subbed in Meg's nursery on Sunday. When we met up in Young Womens she told me that Meg was being so cute in nursery. She said that she started hanging around a littler girl and just kept saying, "You miss your Mommy?" and telling the leaders, "She misses her Mommy." She would follow the girl around and was kissing her (on the lips) and telling her, "It's okay." She was practically mauling the little girl and was patting/rubbing her. So, I felt good that even though she was invading someone's personal space, she was being nice.

Then, when Dave picked her up after church the leaders said that she slapped a boy in the face. I was in shock. How can someone go from a little angel to a devil in the same hour? She looks sweet though, doesn't she?

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Cinderella Mom said...

I bet he deserved it! Probably getting a little fresh with her and she had to take him down a notch!