Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sick Day(s)

This past week has been horrible in our house. We just got over sick noses and colds and I thought we were in the clear. Monday, my mom was coming to get the kids for special day. Will was acting especially clingy and I thought it was just because he wasn't getting enough attention. I thought that he would get plenty of TLC at my parent's house. He ended up with plenty of messy diapers to last us a month. Then, on Thursday, Meg and I woke up but Will was still asleep. We finally woke him up around 9:00 and he was so cranky. He drank his bottle and then layed there like a limp rag doll. He has NEVER done this. I felt so weird about it but he just wanted to lay and watch cartoons. I have been trying to get some things done for our New Beginnings coming up so I worked on some things and he eventually rolled over and fell asleep on the couch. Later that day he tried to crawl and just collapsed on his face. I tried to get him to stand up and he wouldn't put any pressure on his legs. I finally called the doctor and he looked at him. He said that he just has a virus. Poor little guy. He has been sick almost a week now. Meg has a horrible cold and cough and now Will is coughing too. We need to get out of the house. We are all miserable. Hopefully next week we are all better.

All week Meg has looked like this. Dave said, "Meg, you look like no one loves you." Poor thing.


Anonymous said...

Poor Babies!!!! I hope everyone is feeling better SOON!!!!!!

Brittney and Jordan said...

Laura you need to get feeling better!! It seems like you guys have been sick all winter. Get better!