Friday, May 29, 2009


Dave and I got to go to Hawaii this month....without kids. It was so fun. We have been to Hawaii three times since we have been married. It is by far our favorite vacation spot to go. The first time we went I won a trip with my work. That was a fun trip but I was about 20 weeks pregnant with Meg so I was really tired and wasn't able to do a lot of adventurous activities. The second time we went we brought Meg with us (she was about 7 months old). That too was a lot of fun, but a lot of hard work with a little baby. This time we were kid less and I wasn't pregnant so we were ready to do a lot of fun stuff. Jim and Sarah came with us. We had a great time hanging out with them. They are so layed back. It was really nice. We quickly drove the road to Hana as soon as we got off the plane and then stayed in Hana that night. We stayed in this really nice bungalow that night. The next day we spent the entire day having fun adventures on the road to Hana. We hiked through bamboo forests to waterfalls, swam in waterfalls, hiked through lava tubes. It was really great. The rest of the time we stayed by black rock in Lahaina. We swam a lot, went snorkeling and just relaxed. We missed our kids a lot. Mother's Day was an especially hard day for me because I wasn't able to see my little babies. They were having a wonderful time with my parents though. A few months before the trip my mom made the mistake of telling Meg that they would take her to the dinosaur museum while they took care of her. She talked about it EVERY DAY until they finally did. In fact, right before we headed to the airport we said a family prayer. Meg wanted to say it all by herself. She said the usual things and then said, "Thank you that Grandma and Grandma take me to the dinosaur museum." It was hilarious. The day that we left we did a zipline tour. It was so fun. We thought that we had lost our camera so we didn't get any pictures but it was awesome. I am usually scared of heights but I actually didn't get too scared. It was a much needed vacation. We feel like we are married again instead of teammates. It was nice to spend a lot of good quality time together. A big thank you to my parents and my aunt and uncle, Kellie and Tate for helping us with our kids. Will got sick about four hours after we left and was a little miserable so it wasn't a really fun time for them. We really appreciate all of the help that they gave and still continue to give to us.

Dave spent awhile talking to a homeless man about the history of this banyan tree.

We took a hike to the blowhole. It was so neat...maybe my favorite part of the trip.

Dave in the bamboo forest. This hike was my other favorite part of the trip. Jim almost killed himself climbing one of these.

This was in a lava tube cave. Dave is still talking about the "hidden cameras" that they installed to keep you from going too deep into the cave. "Don't insult my intelligence!"

We love Maui!


Anisa said...

totally jealous:( I haven't been to Hawaii since Joren was a baby. And I would love a kidless trip....

Anyway, I was thinking about you because I totally want to take my kids or family's pics on your bench out front.... it's the perfect spot. If you find us out there some day, don't be too alarmed.

emily said...

Awww! So awesome! Looks like a great time. Love Hawaii!

Anonymous said...

I too am totally jealous!! Looks like you two had a great time on this much deserved trip! Next time Dave & I want to go! :)

The Lucksters said...

Hey, Finally nice to see some pictures. Oh, on that one, Ia Jim trying to plug Daves b_tt hole?
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahFrame that one.

Puerto Rican Gringa said...

Next time I want to go with you! I love your pics and you are so tan! I think I will always be jealous of your tan! I'm so glad you got to go! BTW the park in ST. George looks like so much fun! I'm sad we missed it!

Cowan Family said...

Wish we could've come. I'm glad you guys still had fun without us ha ha. Love Ya