Thursday, June 4, 2009

"He walk like people!"

(Meg took this picture so it's not the best. Will is so happy to be able to get around quickly. He won't crawl at all anymore.)

Since Memorial Day Will's favorite thing to do is walk. He had been taking steps here and there for a little while but must have decided that it was time, because he is walking EVERYWHERE. On Memorial Day we went to the park with Dave's family and he must have felt more comfortable on the grass because he started to walk longer distances. Now, he basically walks everywhere. Meg was a very good big sister and taught him how to walk (or at least she thinks she did) by holding his hands and walking backwards. At first, Will was a little leery of this because she would go too fast and then he would fall on his face. After a few talks she became a lot nicer and more gentle about it. She was so excited and said "Mommy, he walk like people!" Will is a lot of fun. Last night Dave sadly said that we don't have any babies in our home anymore. It's true too, he is definitely a little boy now.


Anonymous said...

Isn't sad when you realize your babies are growig up way too fast! :( Time to have another one!!!

Cinderella Mom said...

What a big boy! I can't believe that he is walking that is so crazy! I hope that he still snuggles with you so you can hold on to that!