Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Summer Playgroup

Meg, Will and I have had such a fun summer. We organized a summer playgroup with a bunch of friends and had a great time visiting and exploring new places to play. We ended up buying a season pass to Classic Waterslides and have spent the last few weeks there. I actually had a season pass when I was a kid and going there brought back some good memories. Don't you just love the smell of Classic? It's kind of a mix between sweaty socks and stale popcorn or something...gross, I know. I could recognize that smell anywhere though. It's fun to see Meg interact with other kids. As we get ready to go play she names off all of her friends and cousins asking if they are going to be there ("See Ekky Jo Jo and Yacky?" That means see Nettie, Jo Jo and Zachy, her cousins). Once we get around everyone she turns into a lone wolf and just plays by herself. Sometimes I worry that she is going to be a loner when she gets older but everyone assures me that it's normal for kids to play by themselves.

Some of our favorite memories include going to Wheeler Farm with Emily and her kids and Meg was bitten by a duck. She kind of thought it was funny but then told my mom about it later, so it must have freaked her out a little. The fun 'Welcome Home' BBQ with Natalie's slip n' slide. Listening to Natalie scream as she went down the waterslide next to us. Stacy and I getting jammed into a corner at the Dinosaur Museum as I fed Will (what a crazy day). It's so neat to watch my kids become friends with my friend's kids.

(I know it's still summer, but I'm ready for fall. Can you tell?)


emily said...

Thanks for making it such a fun summer with the playgroup!! I loved Wheeler Farm too. I couldn't believe those ducks! SCARY! Sad that Meg was remember later that they bit her. Geez! Good times.

Cowan Family said...

Laura, I think you need to remove some of these pics off your Blog. Let's see what was your password? Dang it I forgot. It's been fun being in Utah and getting to hang out again.

Brooke said...

What a fun summer you've had. Hope fall is just as good. :)
I'm glad I can look you up now.

Cinderella Mom said...

I love the pics, looks like the kids really enjoyed it! I know that Sheldon was SUPER glad that you went to play group when he was there and so was I!!

Anisa said...

Looks like lots of fun!!!

Joren got bit by a duck this summer too! Those things are wild.

JameeMaLee said...

I'm so sad I've missed all the fuN! How about a fall play group??
I haven't even met Will yet :0(