Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Meg!

To all of my loyal blog readers (Aunt Diane and Aunt Kellie) I have finally decided to update my blog. We had a great and busy summer. Some of the most fun was had at Meg's 3rd birthday party. She had been looking forward to her own party after going to many friend and cousin's parties over the months. She really was excited for her birthday so I wanted to make it special. For awhile there she was into My Little Ponies and so we decided to have a pony party for her. We had two horses come and give rides. Their names were Snickers and Cookie Dough. We had A TON of 3ish-year olds attend. We also had one very "lucky" 9-year old who Meg requested be there-my cousin Jack. What a good sport he was to come and help...and he even rode a horse in the end. We had pony rides, games like horseshoes, pin the tail on the horse and a pinata. It seemed like everyone had a great time. I think I only heard one kid cry, but everyone was really good at waiting their turn and sharing.

Our little Meggie Bug is such a special part of our family. She has an EXTREMELY large personality and is a lot of fun. She loves to ding and dance. She knows most songs that come on the radio and has "her parts" that no one else can sing (those are usually the chorus). She is generally a pretty nice big sister. We love her so much and can't imagine life without her. Happy Birthday Meg!!!


Mandi said...

I'm so glad you updated your blog finally. Good to see your having fun. Your kids are so darling!

Cinderella Mom said...

The picture of you and the kids makes me so sad that it's been forever since we have done something. You all look great and I am so excited for your new baby to arrive. Love you sista!

emily said...

Wow! Look at all those updates! Good job Laura!! :)