Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Big Preschooler

This year Meg started Preschool. She was very excited to go to school. She was also very excited that she was going to get to ride a school bus to school. The only problem was that she doesn't get to ride a bus to school, so we had to break it to her gently. She seemed to accept the excuse that the busses are broken, until she saw them driving around as we were on our way to school. Oh well, you can't have everything. I'll show her this post when she is on high school begging not to have to ride the bus and see what she says.

She goes to Magic Moments Preschool in Riverton. Her teacher is Ms. Amy. She loves Ms. Amy and always wants to surprise her with her completed homework. She has a lot of fun friends in her class...most importantly her cousins Annette and Jocelyn. It's really fun to be able to see them a couple of times a week. So far she talks A LOT about a boy names Beau. She always tells me things that he says. After her first week or so of school she told me that she had said "hi" to a boy in her class and I told my mom. My mom asked her about it and she very adamantly said, "No, he said "hi" to ME!" She is so funny. I have been able to help out a couple of times with the class and she does pretty well. She normally has a tendancy to get a little distracted, but I can tell that she tries really hard to be a good listener. She is learning so much (writing letters and numbers and is learning a lot in spanish). We miss her a lot when she is gone. We are so proud of our little smart preschooler!

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Cinderella Mom said...

I love how independant she is, and that she knows when something is up, like said busses. What a smart girl! I love that she likes school and hopefully that will always be the case. She looks so grown up here it's just crazy!