Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This is Halloween

This year we had a very interesting Halloween. As a mom, you always picture these perfect holidays and then are surprised and disappointed when your kids don't cooperate...at least I do anyways. Months ago I found the cutest Halloween costume of a cupcake that I was going to make for Meg. I LOVE homemade Halloween costumes and have vowed that I will always make my kids' costumes. I am sure that will change when I have three kids because this year, making two costumes about killed me. I showed Meg the picture of the cupcake costume and then told her that she would be a cupcake and will would be a sheep. At that point she made her mind up that she would be a sheep too. After giving her a guilt trip, begging, bribing, tricking I realized that it is no fun wearing a costume that you don't like and so I gave in and let her be a sheep. Stay tuned for next year's costume. I am determined that the cupcake costume will be made for someone. I worked on those costumes forever. I bought out every craft store's white pom poms. When we went to St. George I even made Dave stop at Roberts to see if they had any. Dave wasn't able to go to our ward Halloween party this year and I didn't have Will's costume finished when the party started so I wasn't able to go to that. My parents took the kids to their ward party and they wore the costumes then. Halloween came and Will missed his nap so our Halloween was filled with sobs and lots of requests for candy. I knew it would be a bad idea to even attempt to get him into his costume so he didn't even wear it on Halloween and didn't go trick-or-treating or anything. He was coming down with a cold and is almost over it so when he is in a really good mood one of these days I will put them both in their costumes and will get a picture of them. In the meantime, these pics will have to do. Meg had a great time trick-or-treating though. They were gone a long time and I got a little worried about them. She ended up with a lot of loot. She looked so cute, if I do say so myself. Will looked cute too, even though he cried when he had to put the costume on. All in all we had a fun day.

Meg was showing her muscles here because she carried some of the pumpkins in by herself to be carved.

This is the only time Will was happy all night. He would see the bowl of candy and cry and cry until he got a piece.

My angry little sheep.

Meg was actually just posing with her hand slightly in the pumpkin. We had to make her do it. She did not want to get her hand all slimy.

My happy little sheep.

Working hard for the candy.


Jill said...

OH MY GOSH!!! Cutest costume ever!! I love it!!

Anisa said...

totally cute little sheep!!!

Cinderella Mom said...

That is the best costume I have ever seen you are amazing. I am afraid to sew anything you are up for Mother of the year!!! :)

TheWallinFamily said...

Love the sheep costume! Congrats on your new baby girl. We're so excited for you.